Why You Need to Try This Personalized for You Shampoo + Conditioner


I have always struggled with finding the perfect shampoo and conditioner for my hair. The expensive brands are great but I always feel like after a couple of months my hair gets tired of them. Recently I’ve started buying less expensive brands from Target and they seem to be working better than previous purchases. However, when I saw this brand that made customized hair products for a specific formula of hair type, I was all in! I’ve been using it for 5 days now and can tell a big difference when I blow dry my hair, and once it’s dry. It’s less frizzy, especially in this humid weather – and for that, I am so thankful. I also love that my shampoo and conditioner protect the thermal damage I do to my hair on a daily basis, too! Want to know how Funtion of Beauty works and how you can personalize your own? Keep reading!

Function of Beauty allows you to specify your hair type, your hair structure and how dry or oily your hair is. Next, you get to pick up to 5 “ingredients” you want to focus on. Your choices include: deep condition, replenish, fix split ends, strengthen, hydrate, lengthen, volumize, color protection, thermal protection, anti-aging, anti-frizz, curl definition, shine, straighten, nourish roots, soothe scalp, and oil control.

For my specific formula I chose split end, hydrate, thermal protection, anti-frizz, and curl definition. I have ridiculously curly hair which used to look like an afro when I was younger, and as I’ve straightened it more often, the curls have become softer.

You also get to choose your color, and your fragrance. I picked passion fruit papaya. They also have 8 oz. or 16 oz. options with price points starting at $22. For a product made specifically for you, I think this is one of the best deals you could ask for. They also give you a personalized regiment for use based on the formula you picked!

Did I mention shipping is free? Head here to get your own personalized shampoo and conditioner and make sure you use this link to get $5 off for you! Yay!

 Oh, and since we’re on the topic of hair, you might want to check out the life-changing blow dryer that you absolutely NEED.



A Weekend Guide to Charleston, South Carolina

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I first visited Charleston, SC a year ago in the spring with my husband for two days while we were visiting a friend in Charlotte, NC. I immediately knew I would need to return someday, so when one of my friends picked Charleston for her bachelorette party destination, I was beyond excited to see the city for more then a couple days. It’s the perfect place for a girls weekend, but there’s also more then enough to do if you plan to stay for a week. I’m sharing everywhere we went, ate, and drank. Take notes and start dreaming of palm trees.

Where To Stay

We stayed in a house we found on VRBO.com called La Cosa Bella. You can find it here. It was perfect for 9 girls and was the perfect location for easy rides to downtown, King Street, as well as a quick walk to coffee shops and restaurants nearby. It also comes with a parking spot, which we didn’t use but would be perfect if you had a rental car while visiting.

What To Pack

According to Charleston natives, May through September is insanely hot and humid, so be prepared. The first time I was in Charleston was during the spring in March and the weather was perfect – warm, but not hot and definitely not humid at all. The middle of July was a very different experience – very hot and very humid. However, the gorgeous homes, ocean front views, cold drinks, and delicious seafood made up for the sweat.

If you plan to do a lot of sight seeing, I would recommend good walking shoes – I’ve always been a flip flop girl so I wore sandals almost every where we went, but walking on some of the cobblestone streets made me wish I had worn flats. Dresses, shorts, and tanks are all good options during the summer, too.

Cami Dress, Old Navy (This print is sold out but other prints here) {similar patterns here and here}| Palm Leaf Pattern Tank,Old Navy  |

Tank, Old Navy | Sandals, Old Navy | Fedora, Target {similar here}

Fringe Sandals, Old Navy | Romper Cover Up, Victoria’s Secret

What To See

Charleston City Market

The Charleston city market is a must. It’s a long stretch of shopping in the heart of downtown Charleston. I got some of my favorite glasses from Old World Glass Studio, a vendor at the market. The hot ticket item here is the handwoven Sweetgrass baskets made locally from sweet grass and palmetto leaves.

Waterfront Park + Fountain

A gorgeous park right along the harbor and of course you must stop to see the pineapple fountain. It’s picture perfect with the palm trees and ocean in the background. I love that it’s literally a block away from the craziness of downtown and yet seems to take you to a completely different time and atmosphere. It’s breathtaking as you walk down the cobble stone lined path under the canopy of trees. A must go in my book!

Battery Park

Just st a short walk down from the fountain at Waterfront Park. The gorgeous mansions as you walk along the ocean front are stunning. This park gives you gorgeous views of Fort Sumter, Castle Pinckney, and the Sullivan Island Lighthouse as well as a short history lesson!

Folly Beach and Folly Pier

We spent an entire afternoon frolicking in the ocean and it took me back to the memories of my childhood vacations spent on the beach. Not even the rain could keep us away. Folly Beach was busy but not crowded and was the perfect dose of Vitamin-Sea I needed! You can rent chairs on the beach, too for just $30/day. We walked the pier and just stared out at the ocean. It was one of my favorite days!

Rainbow Row

This is one of the most beautiful scenes in Charleston and one of the most visited streets in all of Charleston. All of the homes in Charleston with their two story porches and beautifully painted homes are gorgeous but this row of brightly painted houses are a must see. The history behind the brightly painted homes is mostly attributed to a trend started by a famous Charleton dweller that painted her homes bright pink but has also ranged to being “beacons” for the drunken sailors as they would stumble home. The most likely reason they say is that brightly painted homes are known for keeping the interior of the home cooler in the hot temperatures. Either way they’re vibrant and one of the most photographed locations in the city.

Magnolia Plantation

Not only are the grounds of the Magnolia Plantation like scenes from a Nicholas Sparks novel – they’re full of rich history, too. There are multiple options for tours including a boat tour, a garden tour, and a house tour. I love touring old houses so the plantation home was right up my alley and probably one of my favorite things we did in Charleston.

Sullivan’s Island

Sullivans Island is just North of the  Charleston harbor and a little farther  than Folly Beach. We enjoyed walking up and down the ocean front and admiring the beautiful houses along the beach. All of the beachfront lands are owned by the town and protected under easements, keeping intact the beautiful beaches and allowing visitors a stunning view of the ocean.

Where To Eat + Drink




This was our first meal in Charleston and it didn’t disappoint. When you visit you must get seafood. It’s unbelievably fresh and is usually local. I got the shrimp tacos and they did not disappoint. The atmosphere is laid back and there’s open seating both inside and outside.

Hominy Grill

When there’s a walk up bar while you wait, I’m not leaving. We had brunch here and I had to get some true southern food so I ordered the Charleston Nasty Biscuit…friend chicken breast, cheddar cheese, and sausage gravy over a biscuit…I mean, does it get any more southern then that? I couldn’t even eat the entire thing, it was SO good.

The Grocery

This place was gorgeous. From the wall of wine to the menus everything was so effortless. Drink of choice? And It Stoned Me and Tiki My Fancy. Both were nothing short of delicious. I loved this restaurant because you could do shared plates or entrees. The Roasted Peaches with spiced pecans and goat cheese was the perfect mix of sweet and savory. For dinner I got the Pork Bolognese ‘Bianco’ – a herb cavatelli. So good. One of my friends got the King Salmon Tartare – also delicious.


Five words: Braised Beef Short Rib Risotto. When a restaurant claims to be award winning, there is usually a reason. This upscale restaurant was definitely that without being stuffy. I have never had a better plate of food. It was mouth watering and literally melted in my mouth. I kid you not, my friend was basically in tears when she tried it. We also ordered the Fresh Berry Salad, the Housemade Pimento Chese, the Cedar Plank Salmon, and the Pan Roasted Duck Breast. Al of the dishes get 5 stars. Make sure you have reservations if this is on your list!

Apartment A: Nachos & Tamales

We stopped here for appetizers before dinner and if the guacamole and quest are any indication of their food – literally the best I’ve ever had! The restaurant is very laid back and is literally in an old Charleston home. I was obsessed. They make the perfect Pima colada, too!

Fleet Landing Restaurant and Bar

Named Charlston’s best waterfront dining in the harbor, we stopped here for drinks before we had to leave town and I got the Pomegranate Mojito – it was everything you’d expect from a mojito and the view? Absolutely the best.


Stars Rooftop

When I had been in town with my husband we came here for drinks with friends, and the roof top was so much fun. When I came here with the girls we ate brunch and it was delicious – everything from appetizers to breakfast to dessert.

The Rooftop at Vendue

Another must stop if you’re in town – and I would recommend stopping by during the day to see the gorgeous hotel. I wouldn’t mind staying there on my next visit!


This is a popular bar in Charleston so we of course had to stop here for a drink. Let me tell you, the bartenders in suspenders and the best drink I’ve ever tasted: Strawberry Smash. Watching them make it made me not even want to drink it – it was so pretty !

Carmella’s  Gourmet Dessert Bar

This place was the cutest bar ever, I mean the lighting, the ice cream, the drinks. Perfect stop on a night out with your girlfriends.

Folly Beach

Taco Boy

I am a sucker for fish tacos or shrimp tacos and this place had some of the best! They basically have an a la carte menu for different types of tacos – I got the Baja Fish and Tempura Shrimp…both were SO yummy!

Mount Pleasant

Red’s Ice House

When we visited in the Spring not only did I eat the most amazing baja tacos, and the best coconut shrimp EVER, we got to see dolphins (insert girly screams) that were just hanging out, swimming next to our table at dinner…definitely one of my favorite memories of South Carolina.

After two visits to Charleston. I still feel like there’s so many places I would love to still see. It’s definitely a foodie town and for good reason, so take advantage of it. The only restaurant I wish we had gotten to is Husk – if you’re thinking of going you’ll definitely want to get reservations up to 3 months in advance. I know, right?! Overall, Charleston has to be one of my favorite vacation locations. Next on my travel bucket list: Boston, Savannah, Napa Valley, and Seattle. Until my next vacation,

xo Laura

DIY Succulent Planter


It’s Friday, friends! Which doesn’t succ…get it? 😂😂 I can’t get over how hilarious that is. I mean, corny? Yes. But, still, so funny.

On a more serious note (kidding), let it be known that I am not a gardener, a planter, and I definitely do not have a green thumb. However, what I wish I had known sooner is that you don’t even need a green thumb to grow succulents. Win!

So, I’ve started a little family of succulents and they’ve slowly been increasing every time I happen to find myself at IKEA. 😂

I decided to take on the task of making a small planter for one of my succulents! Did you know succulents actually like living in rocks/pebbles, it allows for drainage! You just have to be careful not to over water but you must  make sure the soil is well watered when you do! Most succulents only need watered once a week or every other week. Another note about where to place your succulent – some like the sun but typically not direct sunlight, succulents do great when they face eastern windows – allowing for some shade towards the second half of the day.

Okay, now that you know the basics, what will you need to make a planter?

  • A container (larger or smaller based on if you want to plant one or multiple succulents.)
  • Rocks or pebbles
  • Soil (what comes with your potted succulent otherwise you need enough for the roots to sit in.
  • Succulent

Start by layering the bottom of your container with rocks. I used the larger rocks to allow air underneath the soil.

Next, place your succulent in the middle of your planter, I made sure to allow room for the roots in the middle. Make sure your container is as deep as your current roots from your succulent.

Next, layer your rocks around the succulent. I used smaller rocks around and above the soil of the succulent in my planter. It also looks pretty!!

DOY Succulent Planter

That’s it – you’re done! You can repeat the process for any other succulents you have or you could put multiple succulents in the same container! This little guy has already grown since I got him a month ago so I thought he needed to be alone. What do you think??

Fine me on Instagram and show me your DIY!



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Monogrammed Tumbler


Monogrammed? Tumbler? Lily Pulitzer print? Yes, yes, and yes.

I’m obsessed with this monogrammed tumbler from It’s A Monogrammed World on Etsy. I’ve been searching for a tumbler and found this cute one with a Monogram of course, on Instagram. This one is a 16 oz and is perfect for keeping your drink cool – and works perfectly to take poolside!

You can visit the etsy shop here and can custom order your own tumbler – you get to choose your font and your fabric! If you’re personalizing it you can choose the type of monogram you want – diamond block, circle block, interlocking script, and circle script. It’s A Monogrammed World offers custom orders, discounts on bulk orders – hello bridesmaids gifts or bachelorette party gifts!! Did I mention the Tervis also has a lifetime guarantee?? But, do you know the best part?? Use the code 10OFF and go get 10% off your own monogrammed tumbler! 🙌🏽

To see some other fun products you can visit her etsy shop or check her out on Instagram!



DIY Summer Centerpiece


I wanted to share with you this easy DIY for a fun summer centerpiece!

Things you’ll need:

3-6 lemons, sliced

mason jars or vases

flowers: faux or real

Slice up your lemons so they’re 1/4 inch or so thick and then place lemons in layers around the inside of the jar. Depending on the size of your vase you may need to place something in the middle so your lemons don’t float around. In my jar I used a shot glass (I know, I know) and then carefully placed the lemons around the outside of the shot glass inside the jar.

All I had on hand was fake flowers so that’s what I used but you could do fresh flowers as well and the stems would take up more space, keeping your lemons in place. Also, if you can find large lemons, they’ll create a better seal between each other then the small lemons.

Once your lemons and flowers are in place, slowly fill your jar with water. I kept my jar in the fridge until right before serving dinner. You could also do this with limes! Super simple + so bright!!




 PS If you use fake flowers, you can use the lemons to make lemonade! Just let them sit overnight in water and add a little stevia – mmm! Delish!

Easy Summer Centerpiece

Summer Reads 


It’s that time…pool time! There is nothing I love more than reading a good book and I never have any time during the school year so I save up all my reads for when I’m at the pool! Last summer I shared all my reads towards the end of summer – this summer I decided to share my list before my pools days start and I’ll be sharing them as I go on Instagram (@monogramsandmoscato) and updating you at the end of each book of my review! I’m also going old school and buying a library card… 🤓 #nerdalert.

Here’s my list for the summer, in no particular order…and I must warn you, I do love a good psychological thriller so if that’s not up your alley…you will probably not enjoy any of these picks…haha!

The Widow by Fiona Barton – supposedly this is the next Gone Girl…I loved Gone Girl so I’m willing to give it a read! Not so sure that I want to know “the dark places that exist between a husband and a wife…” but we’ll see. (That’s according to GoodReads.com)

Maybe In Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid – I’m super excited for this one…it tells two stories of how a woman named Hannah’s life could have turn out based on bumping into an old highschool boyfriend…the stories shows both sides with very different endings.

Fates and Furries by Lauren Goff – Another story about marriage. And two very different sides. I’m sending a trend in my picks already…

Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben – an impossible to put down thriller…okay, maybe I’m goign to move this to the top of my list.

Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter – Two sisters. One who disappeared. They haven’t spoken in 20 years. I cannot wait to read this!!!

Second Life by SJ Watson – I just had to copy and paste from Good Reads because…
She loves her husband. She’s obsessed by a stranger.
She’s a devoted mother. She’s prepared to lose everything.
She knows what she’s doing. She’s out of control.
She’s innocent. She’s guilty as sin.
She’s living two lives. She might lose both . . .

Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver – the title says it all. Two missing girls.

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr – This book sounds so good…winner of the Pulitzer, it’s about a french girl’s who’s blind and a german boy that meet in occupied France as they try to survive the devastation of World War II. (Totally not a psychological thriller.)

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart – this one is about a group of friends, liars……and it’s full of suspense. #signmeup

First Comes Love by Emily Giffin – it’s her brand new book, it gets released June 28. I cannot wait for it to come out – I love all of her books!

PS If you haven’t read a book by Liane Moriarty…you need to! Her books are suspenseful…and hilarious…but serious…and perfectly written. Her new book Truly Madly Guilty comes out July 26th…I’m dying to read that, too! You can pre-order it by clicking the picture below:

Pssst if you want to see last Summer’s reads, you can go here!