DIY Succulent Planter


It’s Friday, friends! Which doesn’t succ…get it? 😂😂 I can’t get over how hilarious that is. I mean, corny? Yes. But, still, so funny.

On a more serious note (kidding), let it be known that I am not a gardener, a planter, and I definitely do not have a green thumb. However, what I wish I had known sooner is that you don’t even need a green thumb to grow succulents. Win!

So, I’ve started a little family of succulents and they’ve slowly been increasing every time I happen to find myself at IKEA. 😂

I decided to take on the task of making a small planter for one of my succulents! Did you know succulents actually like living in rocks/pebbles, it allows for drainage! You just have to be careful not to over water but you must  make sure the soil is well watered when you do! Most succulents only need watered once a week or every other week. Another note about where to place your succulent – some like the sun but typically not direct sunlight, succulents do great when they face eastern windows – allowing for some shade towards the second half of the day. 

Okay, now that you know the basics, what will you need to make a planter?

  • A container (larger or smaller based on if you want to plane one or multiple succulents.)
  • Rocks or pebbles 
  • Soil (what comes with your potted succulent otherwise you need enough for the roots to sit in.
  • Succulent 

Start by layering the bottom of your container with rocks. I used the larger rocks to allow air underneath the soil.

Next, place your succulent in the middle of your planter, I made sure to allow room for the roots in the middle. Make sure your container is as deep as your current roots from your succulent. 

Next, layer your rocks around the succulent. I used smaller rocks around and above the soil of the succulent in my planter. It also looks pretty!! 

DOY Succulent Planter

That’s it – you’re done! You can repeat the process for any other succulents you have or you could put multiple succulents in the same container! This little guy has already grown since I got him a month ago so I thought he needed to be alone. What do you think??

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Monogrammed Tumbler


Monogrammed? Tumbler? Lily Pulitzer print? Yes, yes, and yes.

I’m obsessed with this monogrammed tumbler from It’s A Monogrammed World on Etsy. I’ve been searching for a tumbler and found this cute one with a Monogram of course, on Instagram. This one is a 16 oz and is perfect for keeping your drink cool – and works perfectly to take poolside!

You can visit the etsy shop here and can custom order your own tumbler – you get to choose your font and your fabric! If you’re personalizing it you can choose the type of monogram you want – diamond block, circle block, interlocking script, and circle script. It’s A Monogrammed World offers custom orders, discounts on bulk orders – hello bridesmaids gifts or bachelorette party gifts!! Did I mention the Tervis also has a lifetime guarantee?? But, do you know the best part?? Use the code 10OFF and go get 10% off your own monogrammed tumbler! 🙌🏽

To see some other fun products you can visit her etsy shop or check her out on Instagram!



DIY Summer Centerpiece


I wanted to share with you this easy DIY for a fun summer centerpiece!

Things you’ll need:

3-6 lemons, sliced

mason jars or vases

flowers: faux or real

Slice up your lemons so they’re 1/4 inch or so thick and then place lemons in layers around the inside of the jar. Depending on the size of your vase you may need to place something in the middle so your lemons don’t float around. In my jar I used a shot glass (I know, I know) and then carefully placed the lemons around the outside of the shot glass inside the jar.

All I had on hand was fake flowers so that’s what I used but you could do fresh flowers as well and the stems would take up more space, keeping your lemons in place. Also, if you can find large lemons, they’ll create a better seal between each other then the small lemons.

Once your lemons and flowers are in place, slowly fill your jar with water. I kept my jar in the fridge until right before serving dinner. You could also do this with limes! Super simple + so bright!!




 PS If you use fake flowers, you can use the lemons to make lemonade! Just let them sit overnight in water and add a little stevia – mmm! Delish!

Easy Summer Centerpiece

Summer Reads 


It’s that time…pool time! There is nothing I love more than reading a good book and I never have any time during the school year so I save up all my reads for when I’m at the pool! Last summer I shared all my reads towards the end of summer – this summer I decided to share my list before my pools days start and I’ll be sharing them as I go on Instagram (@monogramsandmoscato) and updating you at the end of each book of my review! I’m also going old school and buying a library card… 🤓 #nerdalert.

Here’s my list for the summer, in no particular order…and I must warn you, I do love a good psychological thriller so if that’s not up your alley…you will probably not enjoy any of these picks…haha!

The Widow by Fiona Barton – supposedly this is the next Gone Girl…I loved Gone Girl so I’m willing to give it a read! Not so sure that I want to know “the dark places that exist between a husband and a wife…” but we’ll see. (That’s according to

Maybe In Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid – I’m super excited for this one…it tells two stories of how a woman named Hannah’s life could have turn out based on bumping into an old highschool boyfriend…the stories shows both sides with very different endings.

Fates and Furries by Lauren Goff – Another story about marriage. And two very different sides. I’m sending a trend in my picks already…

Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben – an impossible to put down thriller…okay, maybe I’m goign to move this to the top of my list.

Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter – Two sisters. One who disappeared. They haven’t spoken in 20 years. I cannot wait to read this!!!

Second Life by SJ Watson – I just had to copy and paste from Good Reads because…
She loves her husband. She’s obsessed by a stranger.
She’s a devoted mother. She’s prepared to lose everything.
She knows what she’s doing. She’s out of control.
She’s innocent. She’s guilty as sin.
She’s living two lives. She might lose both . . .

Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver – the title says it all. Two missing girls.

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr – This book sounds so good…winner of the Pulitzer, it’s about a french girl’s who’s blind and a german boy that meet in occupied France as they try to survive the devastation of World War II. (Totally not a psychological thriller.)

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart – this one is about a group of friends, liars……and it’s full of suspense. #signmeup

First Comes Love by Emily Giffin – it’s her brand new book, it gets released June 28. I cannot wait for it to come out – I love all of her books!

PS If you haven’t read a book by Liane Moriarty…you need to! Her books are suspenseful…and hilarious…but serious…and perfectly written. Her new book Truly Madly Guilty comes out July 26th…I’m dying to read that, too! You can pre-order it by clicking the picture below:

Pssst if you want to see last Summer’s reads, you can go here!


DIY Rustic Coffee Table


Two weekends ago the hubs and I had an out of town wedding, so we thought we’d grab some breakfast quick from the gas station before getting ready to leave for a quick day date before the wedding that night. I of course decided it was necessary to stop at the garage sales we saw along the way (he secretly loves them!) so 30 minutes later, we came home with a coffee table, a tool bench, and an old wooden table. Here’s the coffee table I decided I had to have and would make fit perfectly into our living room decor. I recently broke our antique chest (insert sad tears) that we used as a coffee table so we’ve been living without and you don’t realize how much you need a coffee table until you don’t have one! I envisioned a farmhouse meets rustic style coffee table – however the only thing I had at home at the time was paint. I immediately applied a first coat.. (before we left for the wedding 😂) #nopatience. 

I’ve been obsessed with this Ivory Bisque paint so I knew that’s the main color I would use, which by the way it really seems more white than ivory but I love how bright it makes pieces look. I used it on this table, too which used to be black.

You can go here to find out all the decor details on this table and the coffee table!

First, I painted the top and bottom. I considered leaving it but I felt like it needed something more. I envisioned a rope feature so a little scoping on Amazon and I found this twisted rope. I layered it twice on the top and absolutely loved the feel it gave! Then I added one more layer on the bottom. I’m still undecided if it needs another layer on the bottom.

What do you guys think?? Does it give you all the farmhouse meets rustic feels?? Find me on Instagram for more home decor!



DIY Rustic Coffee Table

DIY Rustic Coffee Table

Instagram Round Up


I have to apologize for being MIA all month long. It’s the end of the school year and to say I’ve been overwhelmed is an understatement. This can barely be considered acceptable as a blog post but I wanted to share with you #mysundayroundup – a fun hashtag started by @myidealmess over on Instagram. She has an amazing feed! I thought I would use it to share some of my favorite home decor items with you from the past week. I’ve been switching up my decor and I’m loving all the new arrangements! All decor items that are available have been linked below each photo.

Farmhouse Style Home Decor Finds

Mini blue mason jar (similar here) | Boxwood plant | Cake stand (similar here)

Candle | Artificial Succulent | Galvanized Tray (similar here) | Faux Ranuculus + Peony

Wood tray (similar here) | Galvanized Letter (similar here) | Ampersand (similar here)

Fillable Lamp | Artificial Succulent | Mercury Glass Vase (from Pottery Barn but I’ve been unable to find it online!) | Large Rustic Arrows

I hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday – the weather in Iowa is gorgeous, I got my first tan lines of the year! Woo!